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Action, Arcade and Sports Games
replayracer Racing game that saves replays of other drivers around the internet and pits you against your closest match.
Replay Racer
curveball Try to beat increasingly difficult opponents in this clever 3D take on the original Pong game.
tennis Forehand, backhand, and smash your way to victory! Good tennis sim.
bowling Ten pin bowling sim. Simple and well executed.
antkendo Bash your opponent into the water. Simple controls, easy to play and fun!
Ant Kendo
keepyour Sidescrolling shootem up with fun style pudgy graphics, powerups, and all sorts of baddies to blast.
Keep your VL
metaphysik2 Guide the ball to the exit while gravity does its inevitable thing. Fast paced twitch game.
Metaphysik 2
copter Simple game of 'avoid the walls'. Simple and elegant in execution.
pendulumeca Use your super swingy retractable grappling hook to swing as far as you can without falling.
poom How many bounces can you get? Really cool elegant isometric style game.
raidenx Brilliantly made homage to the original arcade games. Masses of enemies to annihilate with masses of guns.
Athlete Knock out the platforms from under your opponent. Supports human vs human same computer, or vs computer AI. Either way, lots of fun.
3ft ninja2 Well polished sequel to the original with improved graphics and gameplay.
3 foot ninja 2
alienattack Destroy alien ships while avoiding friendly ones in this 1st person perspective shoot 'em up.
Alien Attack
bug on a wire Run along the top of the powerlines avoiding the hazards. Simple concept, lots of fun.
Bug on a wire
samurai Great use of a 3D engine in flash. Choose your character and your opponents in this great fighting game.
Samurai Warrior
3 ft ninja Use speed and timing to defeat a series of nasty opponents.
3 foot ninja
staggy2 Hack and slash your way through hundreds of annoying boyscouts. Incredibly fun, well made game.
Stagknight 2
pacman The original arcade game.
commando guy Great action shootem up game. Interface is in Chinese, but its pretty easy to pick up what to do.
Commando Guy
overkill apache Sidescrolling shootem up game, masses of enemies to blow up, great fun.
Overkill Apache
tilt How long can you balance the stick before it falls over? Excellent game!
cannon Defend yourself by vapourising armies of stickmen with a huge f*ckoff cannon.
storm the house Defend your base by sniping oncoming stickmen. Purchase upgrades by winning funds.
Storm the House
xiao xiao 3D stickman shooter. Snappy controls, lots of fun.
3D Shooter by Xiao Xiao
gravity golf Playing golf with the galaxy? What's next? Playing pool with planets?
Galactic Gravity Golf
defense Swivel the planet around to protect the buildings on it from incoming meteors...
World Defense
double wires Cool physics based climbing game. Get as far as you can using your double wires.
Double Wires
aggressive Really fun game, increase the number of guys on your attack team every level - but lose them all and its game over
Aggressive Attack
3dmissile Navigate through a confusing array of tunnels in this excellent 3d flight sim.
3d Missile
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